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Blue Bus Workshop - by Quincy Hilliard   Grade 1 (Very-Easy)   2 minutes 30 seconds

BLUE BUS WORKSHOP was commissioned by the Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools Music Department of Flint, Michigan, in honor of Mr. Dan Martin for twenty years of volunteer service. 
Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.”  Dan Martin has spent a significant part of his adult life humbly giving back to our C-A community.  Throughout our community, Dan and the “Blue Bus” have become synonymous with each other.  From moving equipment throughout the district, driving throughout the state for various competitions and Festivals and even a few trips to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Dan has always been there to ensure our equipment arrives safely.  In addition to driving the Blue Bus, Dan has several other talents to offer including: Band Camp Chaperone, prop design and construction, building and re-designing equipment, screen-printing shirts in his basement, re-designing the interior of the bus each year to match the needs of current ensembles and supervision of the painting of the bus in his driveway as part of an Eagle Scout project. 
 In short, Dan has been the volunteer extraordinaire!  Elizabeth Andrew noted, “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.”  Dan Martin has a huge heart for our C-A community.   Although we commissioned this piece as a tangible show of gratitude to Dan, we believe that the best way we can show our appreciation of Mr. Martin is not through words, but through action.  Follow his lead and find a way to serve the students in your community!
BLUE BUS WORKSHOP is a work created to allow the percussion players to experiment with sounds.  The guidelines for playing the percussion parts appear  below:

1. There are four percussion parts in addition to the mallet part.  The mallet part may be played by as many players as you have instruments for.  The part may also be played in different octaves.
2. The percussion parts may be played on any percussion instrument or any object that creates sound.  Use your creativity and imagination.
3. Each part may be doubled or tripled. Everyone in the percussion section should play throughout.
4. A player may change from one instrument to another instrument at the ¾ meter signature or     at any other time during the performance. They may also change back to their original instrument or to another new instrument.
5. At the ad lib con brio section (beginning in measure 63), the players may play any rhythm patterns they want or just make a lot of random noise.
6. Balance between the percussion section and the band is very important.  The percussion players must have fun, but not over–power the band.  You may also wish to feature the percussion section like a concerto and put them in front of the band or on each side of the band. Once again, use your imagination.

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Extra Letter-Size Full Score Download  (B160123FS)                   $16.00

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