Give Me Tomorrow    Composer Spotlight Series    Grade 4    10 min 5 sec

GIVE ME TOMORROW is based upon a quote taken from a soldier during the Korean War. In the closing days of the war, the Marines were in the fight of their lives and were almost annihilated. A reported interviewed a Marine just before Christmas: 
        “If I was God, what would you want for Christmas?” With a thousand-yard stare, a haggard and bloodied Marine
         looked incredulously at the war correspondent who asked him this question. In an answer that almost took 
         forever, the Marine responded, GIVE ME TOMORROW.”
I liked this quote and used it as the basis for composing this work. As we bear witness to all of the evils going on in the world today, I think we all hope for tomorrow, bringing happiness and relief to problems we face. On another level, as one might be dealing with personal issues, we hope that tomorrow will bring a brighter day.

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  • Give Me Tomorrow10:05

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