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  • Roman's Riff3:09

Roman's Riff    Concert Band    Grade 3    3 minutes 9 seconds

This composition was commissioned by a mother who lost her eighteen-year-old son suddenly when he acted with a sense of responsibility to accept a vaccine to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Roman, who had pre-existing health conditions, passed away within 24 hours of receiving the shot due to a heart condition. When Laurie his mother contacted me to write a work in his honor, I humbly accepted.
The composition is a creation centered around two things that Roman loved.  His high-school fight song and video games. He was an active member of his marching band. “where he loved the fast pep tunes the most.” Roman also created music for a video game series he presented on Youtube, of which this work is entirely based.  

The composition is set in a rondo format with the music Roman created as an anchor for any variation or departure. The opening and closing sections of this composition use the melody from the school fight song in a noble manner to represent the places; school, church, and community, in which he thrived. I encourage both conductors and ensemble members to listen to Roman’s original music by going to:

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