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  • Circus Parade2:05

Circus Parade (March) - by Phil Stonebarger   Grade 3 (Medium)   1 minute 54 seconds

As the title suggests this march (galop) paints a spirited picture of the parade that takes place under the Big-Top at the start of every performing circus. Many of the most famous marches in our band repertoire grew out of the array of traveling circuses that used to constantly criss-cross the country bringing entertainment to towns large and small from coast to coast. Add this march to your next concert and expect a rousing response from your  audience.
Printed Score and Parts  (B160108)                                                $80.00

Printed Extra Letter-size Full Score  (B160108PFS)                      $24.00

Score and Parts Download  (B160108DL)                                      $65.00 

Extra Letter-Size Full Score Download  (B160108FS)                   $20.00