• Empirical Refraction All 3 Mvmnts9:51
  • Empirical Refraction Mvmnt 13:26
  • Empirical Refraction Mvmnt 22:30
  • Empirical Refraction Mvmnt 33:50
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Empirical Refraction  By Alex Hilliard  

Grade 4 (Medium-Advanced)  9 minutes 38 seconds

This three movement (9 1/2 minute) work is an extraordinary creation for solo tuba and symphonic winds. Musically sophisticated yet truly an artistic addition to the repertoire for solo tuba.

​The tuba solo on the performance recording is performed by the composer, Alex Hilliard.

Printed Score and Parts (includes both scores)  (B170123)                   $225.00

Printed Full Score - Letter Size  (B170123PFS)                                          $45.00
Printed Full Score - Ledger Size  (B170123PLGFS)                                   $65.00

Score and Parts Download (includes both scores)  (B170123DL)         $100.00

Full Score - Letter Size (only) Download  (B170123FS)                            $30.00

Full Score - Ledger Size (only) Download  (B170123LGFS)                 $45.00

New Edition for Solo Tuba and Piano (B170123S)           $28.00

​Alex Hilliard was recently awarded a Bronze Medal from the 2018 Global Music Awards for Empirical Refraction.


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