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  • Lights Of The Unknown5:10
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Lights Of The Unknown - by Quincy C. Hilliard  

Grade 3 (Medium)  5 min 10 sec
Silver Cliff Cemetery (in Silver Cliff, Colorado) is known for its mysterious dancing lights. These “ghost lights”, as they are called were first seen around 1890. These floating lights of various colors are reportedly best seen on a dark, overcast night. The lights seem to dance around. This phenomenon was first investigated and published in the National Geographic in 1963; however, the mystery remains unexplained. LIGHTS OF THE UNKNOWN is a programmatic piece based upon this phenomenon.  

Printed Score and Parts (includes both scores)  (B160118)                     $90.00

Printed Full Score - Letter Size  (B160118PFS)                                          $25.00
Printed Full Score - Ledger Size  (B160118PLGFS)                                   $35.00

Score and Parts Download (includes both scores)  (B160118DL)            $65.00

Full Score - Letter Size (only) Download  (B160118FS)                             $18.00

Full Score - Ledger Size (only) Download  (B160118LGFS)                  $26.00

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