Three Bach Chorales For Band - Arranged by Charles Booker  

Grade 3 (Medium)   5 minutes 54 seconds

From among the hundreds of chorales that Bach harmonized, these chorales were chosen to help ensembles develop intonation and strengthen ear training abilities overall.  Performing chorales, with their clear-cut harmonic progressions, helps to develop attention to cadences and creating a long flowing line. Chorales also provide ensembles with help in balance and blending and, of course, tone quality. For variety and performance challenges, play the chorales utilizing various phrasing techniques. Utilize the chorales for training, practice, warmup or as program material for your next performance.

Details about J. S. Bach and each Chorale appears on the following page of this score.

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Extra Letter-Size Full Score Download  (B160117FS)                   $20.00

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  • Three Bach Chorales For Band5:54
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