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  • Blue Midnight6:14

Blue Midnight    Concert Band    Grade 3    6 minutes 14 seconds

BLUE MIDNIGHT is a recollection of sorts, of a time when a master taught trumpet to a student in the farm fields of western Pennsylvania. The names, Royce, Jim (myself), John and Brent (Royce’s sons) are notated to indicate the huge impact Royce has had on me and now his own family. A favorite song, that I learned from Royce was 'Round Midnight by Thelonius Monk. It is a beautifully, haunting ballad that has stuck
with me for the past 35 years. The opening section of BLUE MIDNIGHT is loosely based on the diminished harmonic structure found in 'Round Midnight . It is preferred that a flugelhorn (if available) be used where Royce’s name is notated within the ballad section of this composition.
The second section is a remembrance of learning how to improvise over a blues progression. It begins with a call and response call and response followed by a full-blown development of this material which evolves into the second theme. There are definite and intentional structural elements taken from works like Leonard Bernstein’s Cool as well as Oscar Peterson’s famous alteration of the Count Basie musical tag found at the end of Shiny Stockings as well other swing tunes.

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