• Galla Creek March2:40

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Galla Creek March - by Chris Kamerling

Grade 3 (Medium)    2 minutes 38 seconds

Galla Creek March is in traditional march form and is a stately rhythmic march in the true classic march tradition.The march was written to celebrate the small town of Pottsville, in the north-central region of Arkansas. Pottsville is like so much of small-town America where family, church and basic American values are still the focus. Pottsville was settled by1he Potts family.Kirkbride Potts, a young bachelor, came to Arkansas by covered wagon from his home in New Jersey in the early 1800's. There he met and married a pioneer's daughter, Pamelia Logan and settled in Pope County. Their home (the Potts Inn) eventually became a stop on the Butterfield Stagecoach route between the east and west coasts. Since it was an established travel route, it became a railroad depot (Galla Station) as the railroad was completed. Galla Creek was the local waterway serving the area.
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