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  • Mas Cencerro3:11
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Mas Cencerro (More Cowbell) - by Philip Loewen    Grade 1.5 (Easy)    3 min 40 sec

Mas Cencerro (More Cowbell) is an easy-to-play Latin Rock piece that is truly fun for students and audiences alike.  With its multiple rhythmic lines it will help develop the players rhythmic independence. Get creative and have as many players playing the cowbell as you dare to have! From one of our exceptional new contributing writers, Philip Loewen.

Printed Score and Parts  (B160122)                                                $65.00

Printed Extra Letter-size Full Score  (B160122PFS)                      $18.00

Score and Parts Download  (B160122DL)                                      $50.00 

Extra Letter-Size Full Score Download  (B160122FS)                   $14.00